Who is the CEO of CI investments? (2024)

Who is the CEO of CI investments?

CI Financial Corp. chief executive officer Kurt MacAlpine is a former McKinsey & Co. partner using a classic consultant's approach to building the asset manager.

Who is the new CEO of CI Financial?

Financial industry executive Kurt MacAlpine will become the new CEO of independent asset management giant CI Financial Corp.

Who is the CEO of CI Private wealth?

Kurt MacAlpineChief Executive Officer and Director, CI Financial. Mr.

Who is the CEO of CI Global Asset Management?

Kurt MacAlpine was appointed CEO and Director of CI Global Asset Management in 2019. It was a homecoming of sorts for him - he is originally from New Brunswick and moved to New York in 2006.

Who is the CFO of CI Financial?

As Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Muni overseas the company's global finance operations and investor relations teams.

How big is CI Financial?

CI Investment Services Inc. (formerly BBS Securities Inc.) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CI Financial Corp. CI Financial (TSX: CIX) is a diversified global asset and wealth management company with approximately $430.3 billion in assets (as at August 31, 2023).

Where is CI Financial headquarters in Miami?

CI Financial's Miami headquarters will be housed in the 55-story 830 Bricknell Office Tower, slated to open in 2022. a statement. “In addition, Miami is a vibrant, multicultural city that offers a deep talent pool, an attractive location for recruiting and a very business-friendly environment.”

Who is the head of Private wealth Solutions Blackstone?

Joan Solotar is the Global Head of Private Wealth Solutions.

Who is the head of ESG Rothschild?

Edmond de Rothschild has appointed Nathalie Wallace (pictured) as chief sustainability officer, based in Paris. The firm said it believes that investments must have an impact on society, and has undertaken various ESG initiatives to demonstrate the fact.

Who is the CEO of AlphaCore Wealth Advisory?

Dick Pfister is the CEO & Founder of AlphaCore Wealth Advisory.

How many employees does CI have?

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Key ParametersCI Financial CorpAGF Management Ltd
No. of Employees2,300634
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What does CI investments stand for?

CI Financial was founded in 1965 as Universal Savings Fund Management Limited. It was a small private investment firm until 1994, when it held an IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange as C.I. Fund Management (the C.I. stood for Canadian International).

Who owns CI mutual funds?

Image of Who owns CI mutual funds?
CI Financial is the largest independent investment management firm by assets under management in Canada.

How do I contact CI Financial?

For assistance, our Financial Service Representatives are available to speak with you between 8am and 6pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. For assistance, contact CI Client Services at 1-800-792-9355, Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm ET.

Is CI Financial a public company?

It operates in Canada, the United States and Australia with the head office in Toronto and U.S. headquarters in Miami. CI Financial has been listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange since June 1994 and on the New York Stock Exchange since November 2020.

Is the CFO the owner?

The Chief Financial Officer, or CFO, holds the highest-ranking financial position in a company and oversees the financial operations, budgeting, and financial reporting of the company. The CFO will report directly to the CEO and may also be a member of the board of directors.

Is CI Financial a good investment?

The average price target represents 13.43% Increase from the current price of C$17.32. What do analysts say about CI Financial? CI Financial's analyst rating consensus is a Moderate Buy. This is based on the ratings of 7 Wall Streets Analysts.

What bank is CI?

CI Financial is an independent company offering global wealth management and asset management advisory services. Since 1965, we have consistently anticipated and responded to the changing needs of investors.

What is the revenue of CI capital?

CI Capital (CICH.CA), the leading diversified financial services group, announced today its financial results for FY23, with revenues increasing 68% y-o-y to reach EGP 6.6bn, while net profits after tax & minority interest recorded EGP 1.04bn, a 31% y-o-y increase.

Who is the finance director of the city of South Miami?

Alfredo Riverol, CPA, Cr. FA, CGFM, CGMA, was appointed by the City Manager to serve as the City's Chief Financial Officer on May 10, 2010.

Where is Facet wealth corporate headquarters?

Where is Facet Wealth's headquarters? Facet Wealth's headquarters is located at 100 International Drive, Baltimore.

Is Blackstone owned by BlackRock?

Founded in 1985, both companies fell under an umbrella company called Blackstone Financial Management, a mergers and acquisitions company. In 1988, BlackRock separated from the parent company and focused on risk management. Today, they're now completely separate companies with different offerings.

Who is the senior MD in Blackstone?

Sr. Managing Director

David Schwartz is a Senior Managing Director in the Private Equity Group. He is based in New York and focuses on investments in the technology and tech-enabled services sectors. Mr. Schwartz joined Blackstone in 2022, and currently sits on the board of Cvent.

What companies are owned by Blackstone?

Blackstone Group Inc's top holdings are Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P. - Limited Partnership (US:CQP) , Energy Transfer LP - Limited Partnership (US:ET) , Corebridge Financial, Inc. (US:CRBG) , Gates Industrial Corporation plc (US:GTES) , and FirstEnergy Corp.

What does ESG stand for?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. This is often called sustainability. In a business context, sustainability is about the company's business model, i.e. how its products and services contribute to sustainable development.


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