What does CI stand for CI Financial? (2024)

What does CI stand for CI Financial?

CI Financial was founded in 1965 as Universal Savings Fund Management Limited. It was a small private investment firm until 1994, when it held an IPO on the Toronto Stock Exchange as C.I. Fund Management (the C.I. stood for Canadian International).

What is the full form of CI in investment?

Interest is calculated on the investment or loan taken. There are two ways one can calculate interest. The two ways are simple interest (SI) and compound interest (CI).

What is CI Financial about us?

CI Financial is an independent company offering global wealth management and asset management advisory services. Since 1965, we have consistently anticipated and responded to the changing needs of investors.

What is the legal name of CI Financial?

CI Investment Services Inc. (formerly BBS Securities Inc.)

Is CI Financial a bank?

CI Financial is an independent company offering global asset management and wealth management advisory services. We are driven by a commitment to provide individuals and institutions with the highest-quality investments and advice—and offer a comprehensive and innovative selection of strategies and services.

What is CI in private equity?

CI Capital Partners (formerly Caxton-Iseman Capital) is a private equity firm founded in 1993 by Frederick Iseman and based in New York City that specializes in middle market leveraged buyouts. It is estimated that CI Capital Partners manages approximately $2 billion in assets.

Is CI investments the same as CI Financial?

CI Investment Services Inc. (formerly BBS Securities Inc.) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CI Financial Corp.

How big is CI Financial?

CI Financial Reports Record Total Assets of $391.6 Billion for January 2023. All financial amounts in Canadian dollars unless stated otherwise.

Who owns CI investments Inc?

Image of Who owns CI investments Inc?
CI Financial is the largest independent investment management firm by assets under management in Canada.

Is CI Financial a good investment?

The average price target represents 13.43% Increase from the current price of C$17.32. What do analysts say about CI Financial? CI Financial's analyst rating consensus is a Moderate Buy. This is based on the ratings of 7 Wall Streets Analysts.

Who is the CEO of CI Financial?

Kurt MacAlpineChief Executive Officer and Director, CI Financial.

How many employees does CI have?

Key Parameters
Key ParametersCI Financial CorpAGF Management Ltd
No. of Employees2,300634
1 more row

Can a CI be an asset?

While some CIs may also be assets, not all CIs have a direct financial value or are owned by an organization. For example, a network switch may be a CI in the CMDB, but it is not an asset unless it is owned by the organization and has a financial value that needs to be tracked.

Is CI Financial a Canadian company?

CI Financial Corp. is a diversified global asset and wealth management company operating primarily in Canada, the United States and Australia. Founded in 1965, CI has developed world-class portfolio management talent, extensive capabilities in all aspects of wealth planning, and a comprehensive product suite.

How do I contact CI Financial?

For assistance, our Financial Service Representatives are available to speak with you between 8am and 6pm Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. For assistance, contact CI Client Services at 1-800-792-9355, Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm ET.

Is independent financial a local bank?

We started 35 years ago in Farmersville - a small town north of Dallas - and have grown to over 90 financial centers across Texas and Colorado.

Is CI Financial a public company?

It operates in Canada, the United States and Australia with the head office in Toronto and U.S. headquarters in Miami. CI Financial has been listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange since June 1994 and on the New York Stock Exchange since November 2020.

What is the revenue of CI capital?

CI Capital (CICH.CA), the leading diversified financial services group, announced today its financial results for FY23, with revenues increasing 68% y-o-y to reach EGP 6.6bn, while net profits after tax & minority interest recorded EGP 1.04bn, a 31% y-o-y increase.

What is the debt to equity ratio for CI Financial?

CI Financial has a total shareholder equity of CA$1.0B and total debt of CA$3.5B, which brings its debt-to-equity ratio to 337.3%. Its total assets and total liabilities are CA$10.0B and CA$8.9B respectively. CI Financial's EBIT is CA$720.5M making its interest coverage ratio 4.1.

Is CI Financial safe?

All of our custodians are Canadian custodians under applicable securities laws and members of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (“CIPF”) which provides protection for your accounts in case of the custodians' insolvency for up to $1 million per account type.

Who is the CFO of CI Financial?

Amit MuniExecutive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, CI Financial. As Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Muni overseas the company's global finance operations and investor relations teams.

What is a CI high interest savings account?

High Interest Savings Account

Earn interest on your savings with no restrictions and no minimums in this fee-free account. Learn more. Great for short-term goals and emergency funds. Earn 4.0% interest on every dollar. No promotional period.

What is the total assets of CI Financial Reports?

(“CI”) (TSX: CIX) today reported preliminary total assets of $465.9 billion as at February 29, 2024, consisting of asset management assets of $128.0 billion, Canadian wealth management assets of $91.9 billion, Canadian custody assets of $27.1 billion, and U.S. wealth management assets of $218.9 billion.

What is CI investments preferred pricing?

CI Preferred Pricing™ is all about providing clients with automatic preferred pricing. The program follows a simple concept – the more assets you invest with CI, the larger the price discount that is available to you.

Who are CI investments competitors?

Ci Investments's competitors and similar companies include Crediclub, SheEO, Ratos and Eagle Investment Systems.


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