What is the biggest industry in Ontario? (2024)

What is the biggest industry in Ontario?

What are Ontario's Largest Industries by Revenue? The largest industries by revenue in Ontario are Gasoline & Petroleum Wholesaling, Gasoline & Petroleum Bulk Stations and Commercial Banking, which generated $95.6b, $82.6b and $70.4b in 2023.

What is the leading industry in Ontario?

The economy of Ontario is diversified. Ontario is the largest economy in Canada, making up around 38% of Canadian GDP. Though manufacturing plays an important role in Ontario's economy responsible for 12.6% of Ontario's GDP, the service sector makes up the bulk, 77.9%, of the economy.

What are the top 3 major industries in Canada?

Canada is a highly developed nation with one of the largest economies in the world, impacting much of global trade. Its largest industries are real estate, mining, and manufacturing, and it is home to some of the largest mining companies in the world.

What is Ontario known for producing?

The automobile industry, significantly aided by the Canada–United States Automotive Agreement of 1965, is also of central importance. Other major industries include textiles, processed foods, industrial machinery, electrical goods, farm implements, chemicals, rubber and synthetics, aircraft, and furniture.

What is Ontario known for economy?

Ontario is Canada's manufacturing powerhouse. Key manufacturing industries include auto, information and communications technologies, biotech, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

What are 2 important industries in Ontario?

Ontario is part of the North American manufacturing heartland. Examples of Ontario's key manufacturing industries include autos, information and communications technologies, biotech, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

What is the number 1 industry in Canada?

1. Real estate, rental, and leasing. With respect to investment and future in development, real estate markets of Vancouver and Toronto lead the real estate industry.

What is Canada's most valuable industry?

Biggest Industries by Revenue in Canada in 2023
  • Commercial Banking in Canada. Revenue for 2023: $275.3B. ...
  • Gasoline & Petroleum Wholesaling in Canada. Revenue for 2023: $223.6B. ...
  • Gasoline & Petroleum Bulk Stations in Canada. Revenue for 2023: $174.4B. ...
  • Oil Drilling & Gas Extraction in Canada. ...
  • New Car Dealers in Canada.

What industry do most Canadians work?

The 10 Biggest Industries by Employment in Canada
  • Supermarkets & Grocery Stores in Canada. ...
  • Fast Food Restaurants in Canada. ...
  • IT Consulting in Canada. ...
  • Colleges & Universities in Canada. ...
  • Commercial Banking in Canada. ...
  • Pharmacies & Drug Stores in Canada. ...
  • Engineering Services in Canada. 202,783.
  • Janitorial Services in Canada. 200,360.

Which state is the richest in Canada?

Ontario is the leader of the richest provinces in Canada. This area has a GDP of $780 billion, even greater than Quebec and Alberta combined. The per capita GDP is roughly $52,567, a number that is not all that high on this list. Ontario has a total area of 415,598 square miles, making it a very large region.

What is Ontario rich in?

Northern Ontario, however, is a storehouse of metallic minerals. The province leads Canada in production of nickel, gold and silver, and it is second to British Columbia in production of copper. Big Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario.

What is Ontario's biggest crop?

In 2022, Ontario produced 9,440,801 tonnes of corn, which accounted for 64.9 per cent of Canada's total production. On average, Ontario produces 65 per cent of Canada's total corn crop. In 2022, Ontario produced 3,996,015 tonnes of soybeans, which accounted for 61.1 per cent of Canada's total production.

Why is Ontario so famous?

Besides being Canada's main economic hub, Ontario is also known for its natural diversity, including vast forests, beautiful provincial parks, four of the five Great Lakes and the world-famous Niagara falls.

What are people from Ontario called?

Ontarian (plural Ontarians) A native or inhabitant of Ontario, Canada.

What does Ontario spend most of its money on?

Ontario's top expenses
  • Health sector. $63.5 billion.
  • Education sector. $41.2 billion.
  • Children and social services sector. $16.7 billion.
  • Interest on debt. $13.3 billion.
Apr 12, 2019

Where do most people live in Ontario?

People and Culture - Almost 40 percent of the population of Canada lives in Ontario. Most Ontarians live in urban centres in the southern part of the province near the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River.

How much is Ontario in debt?

Ontario's government debt has reached nearly $400 billion.

What products are manufactured in Ontario?

The best of everything is made right here in Ontario... Including cars, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, technology, food, clothing, and more. Your purchase matters. By simply buying Ontario Made products, you are directly supporting incredible manufacturers, makers, retailers, and their employees in your community.

What industries are Toronto known for?

7 Top Industries in Toronto
  • Finance. Toronto has the second largest financial industry in North America and is the biggest financial centre in Canada. ...
  • Real Estate. ...
  • Technology. ...
  • Media and Entertainment. ...
  • Tourism. ...
  • Manufacturing. ...
  • Life Sciences.

What jobs will be in demand in 2030 in Canada?

The strongest job gains in the next 10 years are expected to be in the IT, computer engineering, architecture, finance, veterinary services, and transportation fields. In-demand skills will include complex problem-solving, systems evaluation, systems analysis, writing, and programming.

Where do most Canadians live?

Being, however, the second-largest country by area (fourth-largest by land area), the vast majority of the country is sparsely inhabited, with most of its population south of the 55th parallel north and just over 60 per cent of Canadians live in just two provinces: Ontario and Quebec.

What is Canada's biggest export?

Yearly Trade

The most recent exports are led by Crude Petroleum ($81.2B), Cars ($29B), Petroleum Gas ($15B), Gold ($14.3B), and Sawn Wood ($13.3B).

What does Canada sell the most?

Canada Exports – Top Categories
  • Crude oil—$68 billion (USD)
  • Cars—$41 billion (USD)
  • Gold—$15 billion (USD)
  • Processed petroleum oil—$12 billion (USD)
  • Car parts and accessories—$11 billion (USD)
  • Petroleum gas—$9 billion (USD)
  • Medications—$7 billion (USD)
  • Aircraft and spacecraft—$7 billion (USD)
Jan 29, 2021

What does Canada buy from the US?

Canada Imports from United StatesValueYear
Printed books, newspapers, pictures$1.46B2022
Miscellaneous articles of base metal$1.39B2022
Stone, plaster, cement, asbestos, mica or similar materials$1.19B2022
Meat, fish and seafood preparations$1.08B2022
93 more rows

What does Canada manufacture the most?

Biggest Exporting Industries in Canada in 2023
  • Aluminum Manufacturing in Canada. ...
  • Aircraft, Engine & Parts Manufacturing in Canada. ...
  • Sawmills & Wood Production in Canada. ...
  • Meat, Beef & Poultry Processing in Canada. ...
  • Copper, Zinc & Lead Refining in Canada. ...
  • Wheat Farming in Canada. ...
  • Iron & Steel Manufacturing in Canada.


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