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  Ilia has forgotten how long she has not dreamed.

  This time, she clearly remembered the happy time when she was a child, and the knight attendant who followed her all the time.

  Unfortunately, the other party has completely died.

  This kind of pain, even if she kills Rich by herself, can’t alleviate it in the slightest.

  She put on a gorgeous and noble magic robe and walked out of the wizard tower.

  It didn’t take long before Tacroo came to her: “Sorry… Rich added various anti-reconnaissance magic to his Horcrux. I can’t find his Horcrux location…”

  Lich will never die as long as the Horcrux is not destroyed.

  Even if Ilia kills Rich once, as long as the other party’s Horcrux is not found, one day, the other party will return from death.

  ”It’s okay, as long as he dares to show up, I will kill him again!”

  Ilia answered in a cold voice.

  But Takerau frowned, feeling that after this trip to the north, Ilia had changed a little bit.

  In fact, the changes brought about by the promotion to the sixth-level magister are almost the same as the transformation into a lich, but there are not so many negative emotions.

  But because it is too powerful, it is also easy to lose control!

  ”Ilia, you know, I always…”

  Taklau took a deep breath, affectionately and authentically.


  Ilia’s eyes moved, but she refused directly: “Now, I just want to climb the peak of magic, and don’t think about other…”


  Looking at her resolutely leaving back, Takerau felt that his heart was severely cut: “Could it be… the person you have always liked, is Phil?”


  Neiser Empire, magic calendar, 120 years.

  With the accumulation of time, magic gradually penetrates into life. Every citizen of the empire proudly declares himself a ‘Nether citizen’ and is proud to be a magician.

  And one after another legendary magisters are constantly being born.

  Every magister will build his own floating city.

  One after another floating cities rose one after another, spreading across the entire continent, and finally, after statistics, it exceeded the 300 mark.

  Taklau also entered the realm of the sixth-level magister due to the feedback from the magic net.

  At a certain magician conference, Ilia proudly announced: “Magic is the essence of everything, and the magician has taken control of the world! Everyone…let us cheer together!”

  But secretly, Ilia revealed her concerns to Tacroo: “Although the sixth layer of the magic web has been improved with the assistance of hundreds of magisters, the seventh layer… is far away!”

  ”This is a brand-new field.” Takerau can only comfort: “Maybe… it will take more than 500 years of accumulation…”

  ”No, as the master of the magic net, I can feel that with the spiritual power and beliefs of the magician, it will take far more than 500 years to build the seventh layer of the magic net and make it a’rule’. , Maybe our millennium life span cannot wait until that day.”

  Ilia answered with a wry smile, her expression gradually becoming firm: “We need a new obelisk!”

  Takerau was shocked: “You forgot my prophecy, do you still have the teacher’s reminder?”

   “I think… My magic empire and I are now ready.” Ilia replied.

  Hearing this, Taklau couldn’t help being silent. After a long time, he let out a faint sigh.


  ”Finally… after reaching glory, are you going to die?”

  Sulu looked at this scene and sighed as well.

  The obelisk of the Zerg race, from the ancient continent, those who dominated and the old gods.

  Among them, the first twelve pieces are okay, but they only record some mysterious information. After the research of Zerg and humans, it has been transformed into the practice of’string’ and’rune’, giving birth to two great warriors and magicians. Extraordinary system.

  And the thirteenth obelisk is different!

  Its appearance itself represents ominous!

   is an item brought out from the Great Ditch of the Devil by the king of the Zerg tribe, who lost his soldiers and lost his generals and paid a huge price.

  There are even messages left by the old gods, recording the ritual of communicating with the dominator of dreams-the old **** Montage! Polluting power with terror!

  The Zerg race was thus polluted and fell into a **** sacrifice and crazy worship. In the end, the whole family died together. Only a few members transformed into pure spiritual life and became a great race——Spot.

  ”This time, is it human’s turn?”

  Sulu thought indifferently: “However, this is also a spur…As long as someone can be promoted to the gods before destruction…”

  After all, the madness and destruction of the Zerg is also an extremely long process.

  ”So…as you wish!”

  Sulu stared at Ilia and slowly uttered a word.

  Before the birth of the obelisk, with His will, it became very ‘order’. The thirteenth obelisk full of pollution has never been found.

  But now, it can be born.


  Under the will of the magic emperor, the entire empire is acting like a precision machine.

  All the Zerg ruins have been unearthed, even digging three feet in the ground. The magicians formed an adventure team, constantly looking for new ruins in the ocean and the mainland.

  Inadvertently, they measured the depth of the entire continent and even the ocean.

  Only the Devil’s Great Ditch, because it has become more and more dangerous, even the fifth and sixth level magisters can’t approach it, and it has become a few unknown places.

  The secrets of the lost continent, the legends of the old gods and creators, are still buried there.

  In a tropical rain forest.

  Three floating cities came crashing down, covering the sky and the sun.

  ”Darby Magister, please first!”

  Three legendary magicians, with many magicians, flew down Among them, as the first generation of personal apprentices, Darby became the leader without a doubt.


  Darby is the image of a gray-haired old man at this time, but he is full of energy, with silver thunder and lightning wrapped around his body, standing in the void, like a high god, overlooking the tribe below.

  It can be seen that the other party is very primitive, using thatch and wooden frames to set up a tent, and the members are dressed in animal skins, and they feel a little bit ridiculous and drinking blood.

  ”Original tribe, how come there are such savages?”

  He frowned.

  ”My lord…After being investigated by the pioneers of the adventure team, this place should be a remnant of the old empire, escaped into the tropical rainforest, and gradually degraded due to the severance of civilization…”

Next to   , a magician immediately bowed and replied: “Not only that… they also mastered some **** sacrificial methods, and gave birth to a very secretive’witchcraft’. Our people, it is from this aspect to track down Here comes the clue… the thirteenth obelisk, the gem of civilization, should be in this area!”

  ”The obelisk is the truth of magic and should not be held by wild men!”

  Darby raised his staff coldly.

  Next moment!

  The terrible meteor shower fell from the sky, flooding the primitive tribe…

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Read Transcendent Dawn Chapter 803: Brilliant [raw] English - NovelMao (2024)
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